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Harman Kardon Adapt - Harman Kardon Adapt à prix réduit. Troubleshoot with the help of Harman Kardon AVR 230 Receiver Owner’s Manual which can be downloaded from our collection of AV Receiver manuals and guides.

Harman Kardon AVR 230 Quick Start Manual - Download, view and print the Owner’s Manual from Harmankardon, who are a manufacturer of Consumer Electronics, by selecting Harman Kardon AVR 230 Receiver Owner’s Manual. View and Download Harman Kardon AVR 230 quick start manual online. Harman Kardon AVR 230 Quick Start. AVR 230 Receiver pdf manual download.

Enceintes de Marque When a source connected capability, connect this jack to the REC/IN S- REAR-PANEL CONNECTIONS REAR-PANEL CONNECTIONS 36 Video 2 Audio/Video Outputs: Connect the composite or Video and L/R analog audio REC/IN jacks of a VCR or other video recording device such as a DVD recorder or PVR to these jacks. Boulanger.com/Enceintes-Bose

Harman Kardon - Large Choix de Système Home Cinéma! AVR 230AUDIO/VIDEO RECEIVEROWNER’S MANUALDITAL LOGIC 7 VID 1 DVDPRO LOGIC VID 2 CD3 STEREO DSP VID 3 FMAM5 CH. OFF AVR 230 AUDIO/VIDEO RECEIVER 3 Introduction 4 Important Safety Information 4 Unpacking 5 Front-Panel Controls 7 Rear-Panel Connections 10 Main Remote Control Functions 13 Installation and Connections 15 System Confuration 15 Speaker Placement 15 System Setup 17 Input Setup 17 Surround Setup 18 Speaker Setup 20 Delay Settings 21 Output Level Adjustment 21 Using Ez Set 22 Manual Output Level Adjustment 24 Operation 24 Basic Operation 24 Source Selection 24 6-Channel/8-Channel Direct Input 24 Volu INTRODUCTION ® Thank you for choosing Harman Kardon ! Fr/Harman_Kardon

HARMAN-KARDON AVR 230 OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download. With For the ultimate in flexibility, the AVR 230 features ■ A wide range of dital and matrix surround ® the purchase of a Harman Kardon AVR 230 you are connections for five video devices, all with both com- modes, including Dolby Dital, Dolby Dital EX, ® ® ® about to begin many years of listening enjoyment. Two additional audio inputs Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS , DTS-ES Discrete and ® Desned to provide all th SAFETY INFORMATION Installation Location ence to radio or television reception, which can be Important Safety Information ■ To ensure proper operation and to avoid the poten- determined by turning the equipment off and on, the Verify Line Voltage Before Use tial for safety hazards, place the unit on a firm and user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by Your AVR 230 has been desned for use with level surface. # & ( Ô % Ò $ 2 4 6 8 ) @) ^ * Ó  NOTE: To make it easier to follow the instructions that refer to this illustration, a larger copy may be downloaded from the Product Support section for this product at (For more informa- modes will vary based on the number of speakers tion REAR-PANEL CONNECTIONS 36 34 32 38 k i g e c a ° fl 33 31 · ‡ 37 35 j h f d b ¡ £ ¢ ∞ § ¶ ª ⁄ ‹ fi • ‚ › ¤ NOTE: To make it easier to follow the instructions that refer to this illustration, a larger copy may be downloaded from the Product Support section for this product at Page 1. Power for the Dital Revolution AVR 230 AUDIO/VIDEO RECEIVER OWNER’S MANUAL DITAL LOGIC 7 PRO LOGIC 3 STEREO 5 CH. STEREO SURR. OFF ® ® VID 1 VID 2 VID.

Audio/video receiver - Harman Kardon When placing the unit on a shelf, be one or more of the following measur FRONT-PANEL CONTROLS FRONT-PANEL CONTROLS ¸ ˘ ¯ ˜ ˆ ı Ù Û Ú DITAL LOGIC 7 VID 1 DVD PRO LOGIC VID 2 CD 3 STEREO DSP VID 3 FMAM 5 CH. 1 Main Power Switch @ Set Button Ò Balance Control 2 Power Indicator # Dital Input Selecto FRONT-PANEL CONTROLS 8 Surround Mode Selector: Press this button ^ Input Source Selector: Press this button to Û Channel Adjust Selector: Press this button to to select from among the available surround mode change the input by scrolling up or down through the begin the process of trimming the channel output lev- options for the mode selected. ¡ FM Antenna Jack › DVD Component Video Inputs h Video 2 S-Video Input CD Audio Inputs fi Component Video Monitor Outputs i Video 2 S-Video Output £ Tape Outputs fl AC Power Cord j 6/8-Channel Direct I REAR-PANEL CONNECTIONS REAR-PANEL CONNECTIONS • Subwoofer Output: Connect this jack to the line- fi Component Video Monitor Outputs: Connect g Video 1 S-Video Output: If the product connected 34 level input of a powered subwoofer. Thank you for choosing this Harman Kardon. the AVr 156 5.1-channel dital audio/video receiver AVr. enjoyment from your new AVr, please read this manual and

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