How to configure manual eigrp summarization

Auto and Manual Summary Routes to Null0 with The summary route should not overlap any address space. And we will test the effect with auto summarization and manual summarization on R2. First I listed the initial confuration on both routers.

ERP Route Summarization Manual - You should use one network statement on each router. Task 3 Confure route summarization on R2 so that both loopback 1 and loopback 2 addresses are represented by a single ERP entry in the routing table. The summary route should not overlap any address space. ERP Route Summarization Manual. ERP Summarization concept and confuration on real device in Hindi CCNP v-23 - Duration.

Confuring ERP - Cisco Therefore in the routing table of R1 we only see 1 summarized route: Now on R2 we can see the Null0 has been created: So, why is a route to Null0 created? Cisco ASA 5500 Series Confuration Guide using the CLI. OL-18970-03. 23. confured to summarize on any bit boundary at any interface. ERP does not.

How to configure manual eigrp summarization:

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