Why manual transmission is better

<em>Why</em> do people buy cars with <em>manual</em> <em>transmissions</em>? <em>Why</em> not

Why do people buy cars with manual transmissions? Why not That's the question more driving enthusiasts are asking as fewer and fewer automakers offer three pedals. It can be one or more of Performance manual transmissions usually have better acceleration because of shorter gearing, less weht, and less power loss than.

<i>Why</i> is a <i>manual</i> <i>transmission</i> <i>better</i> for racing? -

Why is a manual transmission better for racing? - Manual transmissions used to be popular for their lower up-front cost, better fuel economy, generally greater durability, and greater driving involvement for enthusiasts. “You used to have all these check marks why you buy a manual transmission,” says Paul Seredynski, Ford's manager of performance and powertrain communications. A few reasons come to mind. One, automatics not clutcess, but fully automatic absorbs a lot. Why is it so hard to find a car with a manual transmission?

Reasons We Should All Drive <b>Manual</b> Cars - FQF

Reasons We Should All Drive Manual Cars - FQF “Those are all gone now,” he says, because automatics have gotten so much better. My Mitsubishi Eclipse gets 5 MPG better than the automatic version. That results in 19% better fuel economy just for enjoying my manual transmission. I tell you.

<strong>Manual</strong> vs. automatic <strong>transmission</strong>

Manual vs. automatic transmission “The vast, vast majority of people want automatics.” It's gotten to the point that magazine, the bible of automotive enthusiasm, has started a campan and developed its own Twitter hashtag to #Savethe Manuals. What is better? Manual or automatic? How do they work? Which one to choose? Why? This site is dedicated to unbiased information / pros and cons about these.

Why manual transmission is better:

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