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Federal Administrative Judge has Harsh Words for San Francisco <strong>USPS</strong>.

Federal Administrative Judge has Harsh Words for San Francisco USPS. I work for USPS and have an issue with our Union's interpretation of the agreed upon Employee Labor Manual (ELM) and the section on meal breaks (ELM 432.22). According to the USPS Employer Labor Relations Manual “any employee, supervisor or representative who knowingly makes a false statement with respect.

Postal bulletin 22389

Postal bulletin 22389 Under mealtimes, it states: An employee MAY NOT BE REQUIRED to work six (6) continuous hours without a half hour meal break! Front Cover Also on the Web at com/postal-bulletin 2 postal bulletin 22389 5-15-14 Contents COVER. Employee and Labor Relations Manual ELM. For the past fifteen years, we have been taking our 1/2 hour meal break within the first two hours of work. NOW, our union is trying to tell us that we must take our meal break after two and half hours of work, so as to avoid the 6 continuous hour rule. Union The Employer recognizes the. Leave Regulations The leave regulations in Subchapter 510 of the Employee and Labor Relations Manual, insofar as such.

Usps employer labor manual:

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