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American DJ Vizi LED Spot - YouTube James, I just got some ADJ Vizi Spots, and whenever I change preprogrammed movements, it automatiy reverts back to default which is white lht, no gobo, no color. I can maybe have our guys in the ADJ office test this if they can. Dec 31, 2009. Available February 2010 The ADJ Vizi LED Spot, Moving Head Fixture features a 22W hh output, long life LED source 6500°K, 50000 hr. with a low power dra. Manual Focus • Stepper motors with micro stepping

ADJ Vizi LED Spot Moving Head Lht Fixture - 8 Colors, 7 Gobos. I dont have this problem with my X Moves, but I have also noticed this issue with Martin Lht Jockey. I also am sort of a ADJ tech as I do support for the My DMX program and the Madrix program. Drawing only 88W of power and using long life LEDs, the Vizi LED Spot from American DJ saves you money. Lhtweht and compact, take this Moving Head.

Platinum Spot 5R - Elation Professional I have one of the vizi scan led pro's with me but have never noticed any oddness with the built in programs via dmx... User Manual. Platinum 5R Specification Sheet · Platinum Spot 5R Photometric Data · Platinum Spot 5R Dimensional Diagram · Platinum Spot 5R DMX Traits.

User Manuals - American DJ University - Degrees of Awesomeness Or go in and clik edit and change the colors that way. I think its a glitch, but no one will admit to ok i get it now. I do know or am mostly certain that in the latest release of Compu Live this issue is fixed. WH LED Pro · 64W LED Pro User Manual · Accent Strip RGB · Accent. Accu Spot 250 System · Accu Spot 250 User Manual rev. 09-08-04 · Accu Spot 300.

ADJ Vizi Spot LED Pro Moving Head Lhting Fixture - 8 Colors + 7. Is there something weird with the lhts, or do you think it is a software glitch? Sincerely, I'm using Vizi Spot Led's and when I change the program pattern it reverts back to white, bummer. Sincerely, James, Hey man, I am using the June 8th version too, still working on the upgrade to Show I have also noticed this "glitch" when using ADJ Vizi Wash's and Chauvet Q Beams. American DJ's Vizi Spot LED Pro has the features you need. 8 colors rotate independently of 7 replaceable gobos that coupled with a 3-facet or infinite prism.

American DJ Spot LED eBay I know you arent an ADJ tech/expert but wondering if youve experienced this or have a fix for it. You can hold the left clik down and drag a color to each of the pre programmed movements and that will stop that. simply open them up in the button editor and make sure the channels for color gobo focus etc are set to OFF. Ill try to play with the settings and see if I can fure anything else out, in the meantime if there is a new software relase, let me know! American DJ VIZ648 VIZI SCAN LED PRO Hh Performance DMX Scanner with Spot & Frost Wash Effect. VIZ648 Product Manual. 50W Hh Output LED DMX.

Vizi LED Spot - Product Archive Lht - Lhts - Products - ADJ Caractéristiques - Lyre à Leds de haute performance équipée d`une Led de 22 Watts - Technologie RDMX / 12 canaux DMX - 4 modes de fonctionnement : DMX, Maître / Esclave, Automatique et Musicale - Mode de défilement des Gobos - Accès direct au menu grâce a 4 boutons un affichage dital - 14° d'angle d`ouverture du faisceau - Repositionnement automatique X-Y - 8 couleurs dichroïques blanc (UV inclus) - 7 gobos rotatifs spot (interchangeables : 5 X métal, 2 X verre) - Prisme de roue avec macros : Prisme 3 et 5 facettes, 3D - Effet Gobo Shake - Indexation Gobo - Taille Gobo : 27 mm (Taille diagonale du Gobo 22 mm) - Gobos Indépendants des roues de couleurs - Pan : 540° (option 630°) - Tilt : 270° - Obturateur : Effet pulse aléatoire - Contrôle de la luminosité : 0 % - 100 % - Effet stroboscope lent a rapide - Mise au point manuelle - Moteurs pas à pas facilitant les micros déplacements - Support mural inclus - XLR In / Out 3 broches - LUX : 12950 à 1 Mètre ; 2480 à 2 Mètres ; 1231 à 3 Mètres ; 486 à 5 Mètres - Alimention Multi-tensions : 100-240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz - Consommation d`énergie : 88 W max - Lampe : Led blanche 22 Watts, 6500 ° K (50 000 h environ) - Dimensions (L x l x h) : 303 x 419 x 214 mm - Poids : 9 Kg Informations La société AMERICAN DJ s’est forgée une solide réputation en proposant des produits LHT professionnel de très grande qualité et d’une fiabilité irréprochable. Specifications - Hh output DMX-512 Moving Head with 22W LED source - RDMX - Remote DMX. The ADJ Vizi LED Spot, Moving Head Fixture features a 22W hh output, long life LED source 6500°K, 50,000 hr. with a. Manual Focus

VIZI BEAM 5RX - Used Lhting ADJ Products, LLC - com - Vizi Beam 5RX Instruction Manual Page 2. ADJ Products, LLC. 17 Static Fixed Gobos + Spot. • 14 Colors, Plus White. DOWN buttons to select “ON” to keep the LED display on at all times, or “OFF” to.

Vizi led spot manual:

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